While the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a California drought-relief bill just in time for the holiday weekend, local lawmakers are urging caution against Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bill calling it "harmful legislation."

Congressman John Garamendi says Feinstein is absolutely correct to push legislation to deal with the drought, but the Fairfield Democrat has concerns with some environmental issues in the bill.

"Particularly what's known as the one-to-one ratio of pumping to inflow. Properly designed, it can be handled, but at the moment it's far too broad and troublesome as written," Garamendi said. 

He's also concerned about potential amendments that could be added by the Republican-controlled House.

"The bills that have passed the house on this same subject, really lead to the destruction of the Delta and the Sacramento River system," Garamendi said. 

Garamendi and six of his colleagues are urging a comprehensive approach to the drought -- moving toward sustainable water operations for the entire state, not just one part.