They got a few extra weeks, but thousands of Sac City Unified students are back in class today -- with a new superintendent leading their district.

Jose Banda toured classrooms at Albert Einstein Middle School this morning before setting off on visits to five other campuses. He was formerly the head of Seattle Public Schools.

Some changes at other local districts as well. The new year brings a new approach to connecting with parents.

Folsom Cordova and Natomas Unified are pushing new smart phone apps that allow users to look up everything from their kids' grades to lunch schedules.

"We have over 2,300 downloads right now," Daniel Thigpen with Folsom Cordova said. 

Thigpen says this is all about evolving from fliers that don't always make it home, and offering more two-way communication.

"So if you have a question, complaint or concern as you are leaving your child's school or as you just happen to think about it when you're in line at the grocery store," he said. 

The districts can also send out push notifications in emergencies.

Folsom is helping test its app.

Natomas has plenty of customization. Parents can choose from more than 60 languages.