The Sacramento City Unified School District trustees are tightening their belts after finding out they may have been breaking state law.

Apparently trustees have been getting paid thousands of dollars for missed meetings.

Under state law, a district must reduce a trustee's monthly stipend when that trustee misses a meeting, but the board has not been following the procedure for the past three years.

With a unanimous vote last night, the board changed their bylaws to fall in line with state law.

The loophole is that absences can be excused if approved by the board, and the trustees did so for some of the more than 40 paid absences that occured during that three year period.

Each Sacramento City Unified School District trustee receives a monthly stipend of around $787.

The discrepancy was brought to the school district's attention through media reports in November. Since then, the trustees have been working on aligning the district's bylaws with California law.

"They've done so in a way that's responsible but also thorough to make sure that we're creating a system that's going to work in the future," Spokesman Gabe Ross said. 

The vote last night was to established a clear definition of what is and is not an acceptable reason to miss a meeting.

Ross says that it was just a simple misunderstanding.