It's been a violent day in Ukraine's capital of Kiev, where protesters tossed firebombs at police and government snipers fired back.  A protest doctor says at least 70 people were killed and hundreds were wounded. In all, according to protesters and Ukrainian authorities, more than 100 people have died this week in clashes in Kiev, after three months of mostly peaceful protests.

At the center of the revolt is the question of whether Ukraine will have strong ties with Russia or the West.

The Obama administration is coordinating with European allies about possible sanctions against Ukraine, where clashes continue .

President Obama has spoken with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on ways to encourage a peaceful solution.

"What we've seen is an attempt by the Ukranian regime to stifle dissent," said Whitehouse spokesman Josh Earnest.

Earnest had no announcements of any actions against the regime after a failed truce lead to more blood in the streets however.

"Given the violence that we saw overnight in the Ukraine I think it's fair to say that the options given to the President are being considered with some urgency," he added.

The President has threatened unspecified consequences if the violence doesn't end.

As they hear prayers for the dead in Independence Square in Kiev, the Sacramento Ukrainian community is getting worried:

13-year Northern California resident Andriy Kryshtafovych says if he were back in Ukraine he'd probably be on the street with the protestors,

"People want a non-corrupt government, so government in Ukraine is quite well corrupted," he said.

Kryshtafovych, who's worked recently as a UC Davis researcher, told News10 he's getting very worried for those still living in Ukraine.

"We are just holding in our breath and watching this news on the internet, it's really tough for us," he explained, as he fears civil war is possible.

A Ukrainian skier is pulling out of her remaining event at the Winter Olympics, in response to the deaths of anti-government protesters in her country.  Bogdana Matsotska says she doesn't want to be competing while people in her country are dying.  She's refusing to ski tomorrow in the slalom, which is her best event.

She says she wants to join protesters in Kiev immediately, but that she's been unable to book a flight home.

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