A Lodi mom says her daughter's high school did not do enough to help her when she was getting bullied online.

The victim's mother called out Lodi High School for not being more strict on two teenage girls who were cyber-bullying the new freshman. 

"No action has been taken, no action whatsoever," Michelle Zapata, mother of the victim, told News10.

She says her daughter Danielle, was being sent messages by the two girls, over an issue with a boy. 

Danielle, her mother and dozens of supporters were out yesterday, asking the school district to re-evaluate the way they punish online bullying. 

Danielle says it's so bad, she doesn't want to go to school sometimes. 

"I fear of getting beat up at school, being taunted by people. I just feel watched. I don't feel safe at all," Danielle said. 

The school's principal says the two teenage girls have seen consequences for their actions, but Danielle's mom wants them to be suspended.