Beware of Haribo sugarless gummy bears, apparently they're making people sick.

The Amazon reviews of the product have been going viral on the Internet. Some of them are comical, but they all end the same way. For the sake of staying clean, we'll stick to not well.

It basically all comes down to the ingredient Lycosin.

"That is an artificial sugar. And artificial sugars are nice and sweet so they taste like sugar, but they're not digestable," said Dr. Donald Bucklin, the regional medical director for U.S. HealthWorks.

Bucklin says that if you only consume small amounts, you should be fine, but if you go for the whole bag, that's another story.

"You just overload the gut, and you can't digest it all. And it gets dumped into the colon, and if you can't digest it, it comes out," he said. 

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