Basketball legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson is voicing his frustration with Dennis Rodman over his recent trip to North Korea. Monday night, on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," he called Rodman's trip to the nation pathetic.

"It's pathetic, and you can't go to a place that is trying to harm us.  I wasn't too happy about him going over there," the former Laker said.

Apart from the simple fact that Rodman took a team to the isolated nation, Magic was also irritated that Rodman's team didn't win their game.

"Of course you should win the game, they're not tall, and they still lost.  North Korea beat Dennis Rodman's team....well Dennis is only 60 so it wasn't that hard to beat him," he joked.

Magic also weighed in on the poor performance of his beloved LA Lakers this season, partly blaming Kobe Bryant's injury, but mostly blaming the coaching staff.

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