Searchers are getting increasingly frustrated in the search for a missing Malaysian airliner in the southern Indian Ocean.  

So far the 16-day search has yielded nothing. Search commanders say increasingly bad weather and high waves are hampering their search efforts.  

Yesterday the searchers found a wooden pallet, but there's no indication it was from Flight 370. Satellite data from France and China seemed to indicate an object about 75 miles from debris seen in Australian satellite pictures last week. 

Meanwhile, Malaysian officials say there's no evidence the plane's unexplained turnback after takeoff was pre-programmed.  

They say the last satellite transmission showed a normal route to Beijing. Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia March 8th and vanished shortly afterward.  

So far searchers have covered nearly three-million square miles of ocean and land.  

To date there is no firm evidence where the jet is or what happened to it.