An Auburn woman is sharing her frightening carjacking experience at the hands of a man and a teenage boy.

The woman says she stopped in a parking lot on her way home from church Monday because she thought she had run over something.  

In an interview with News10 in which her voice is altered to protect her identity, she says 19-year-old Juan Zuniga and the teen hit with a baseball bat.

"I remember screaming, 'Why are you doing this to me?'" she said.

She says she feared they would continue beating her, so she managed to get away and went to a 7-11 for help.

"I realized I was going into shock because I kept getting so cold and the women were taking care of me. Within minutes they had a bulletin out," she said. 

Police found the car a short time later and arrested Zuniga and the teen.  

The woman remains hospitalized. The victim says she's been living with a false sense of security and suggests she'll be more careful.