The well water for an elementary school in Manteca has tested the double legal limit for arsenic -- leaving it unsafe to drink.

The well water for Nile Garden School does not meet standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The City of Manteca Public Works tested the well water in May, and the results showed the water came back double the legal level for arsenic. 

According to the EPA, the major sources of arsenic in drinking water include runoff from orchards and erosion of natural deposits in the ground.

The City of Manteca Public Works says they are weighing their options to solve the school's problem. Some of the options include having the water treated or tapping into another water source. 

Nile Garden notified parents of the situation with the drinking water and has been giving children water bottles.

The San Joaquin County Environmental Health Department says its working with the state to get funding to solve the issue.