Even before the recent scandal involving the VA medical centers, many veterans, especially homeless vets, simply avoid the system, leading to health issues that get worse.

And that's why Dr. Darryl Hunter, a colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve, runs a local nonprofit designed to help our homeless veterans connect to health care services. He says our current system is just not doing the job.

"It wasn't built to meet the capacity of the growing number of veterans that we have coming out of each of our conflicts. 

Dr. Hunter says our homeless veterans are disappearing in the shadows.

"This has been a problem that has grown. Right now, we estimate there's about 63,000 homeless veterans nationally, 25 percent of those being in California," he said. 

As a matter of fact, he says.

"California has the highest population of homeless veterans," Hunter said. 

For information on how to help our homeless veterans, click here.