A New York woman is out of her job at McDonald's after picking up the tab for a group of firefighters.  

That woman is Heather Levia and it happened after she reached into her own pocket last week to pay the $83 tab for a group of firemen.  

Her boss claims the incident "opened a whole bee's nest" and the company says Levia was let go because she ended up swearing at her manager.

"I did say this is freaking ridiculous, but it was not implied to anybody," she said. 

Levia's initial gesture may have gone unnoticed if not for the fact that a second department came in and ordered $70 worth of food.  

Levia asked her boss if McDonalds would foot the bill.  They declined and she ended up paying for that order as well.  

Apparently, the firefighters found out and complained because they thought the company made Levia feel obligated to pay for them.