McDonald's is facing several class action lawsuits filed in three states, including California, with claims that the corporation, and some of its franchise owners, are breaking labor laws and stealing wages from their employees.

A Sacramento legal analyst is weighing in. Attorney Bill Portonova says this lawsuit was going to happen sooner or later.

"This is something that the government has tried to redress and they have not dealt with it and there is room in the law for private lawsuits to change some of this," Portanova said. 

Portonova says the lawsuit is about fairness for workers who have to survive on minimum wage.

"But to add expenses on top of that, making them buy their own uniforms and clocking extra hours beyond their paid hours and so forth, is really skinning it a little bit too thin," he said. 

Portonova says he expects there will be more of these types of lawsuits coming in the near future.