From felonies, to misdemeanors, a measure to reduce sentences for nonviolent criminals is heading to the ballot.

The measure will join five others, including proposals to enact a new rainy day fund, give the state insurance commissioner new powers and loosen the cap on medical malpractice awards.

Come November, you'll be asked to reduce prison terms for low-level drug possession, petty theft and check forging crimes. Money saved in incarceration costs -- potentially hundreds of millions of dollars per year -- would be passed on.

"Schools, 25 percent; victims services, 10 percent; and mental health and drug treatment, 65 percent," William Lansdowne said. 

Lansdowne is the former police Chief of San Diego and San Jose. The change would be retroactive, and up to 10,000 inmates could petition for release.

"Judges may only release individuals who don't pose a risk to public safety," former prosecutor Lenore Anderson said. 

There would be exceptions for those previously convicted of rape, murder or child molestation.