It is a day of mourning at the University of California Santa Barbara after Friday's shooting and stabbing rampage that left seven dead, including the alleged killer.

CBS News Correspondent Bigad Shaban described the scene from the campus site of the murders.

This afternoon we watched as about 30-or-so members of the Tri-Delta sorority here on campus came to one of two main make-shift memorials.  This is the exact site where two of their sorority sisters were gunned down last Friday.  Many were in tears, they put down flowers, they held hands and formed a circle around the make-shift memorial.

A campus-wide memorial service is being held at 4 this afternoon.

Meanwhile, UC Davis students have organized a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims of the Isla Vista massacre, and their families and friends, at 8pm Thursday on the campus Quad.

Organizers said if you plan to attend, please bring a candle or lighter as the college community comes together to show their support and love to those affected by the tragedy.

Updates will be available all week on the UC Davis Facebook page.

Earlier Tuesday, UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi said,

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the entire UCSB community."

UCD is holding/held a moment of reflection at 4 pm today.