You missed the deadline.  What do you do know?  The info says, don't sweat it.  

Covered California officials are giving some people until the middle of the month to sign up for health insurance if they didn't make the deadline.  Executive Director Peter Lee says anyone who couldn't start an application yesterday because of technical difficulties with the website, can contact a certified counselor in the next few days.

If you explain that you attempted to do that, you will be able to open and complete their account by April 15th.

You must use one of those counselors, however.  They're independent insurance brokers, Covered California Call Center workers, health plan employees and county representatives.   

Meanwhile, The White House is taking a victory lap over, despite last minute glitches on the site.

"As has been the case all along, when there's a problem like this it gets addressed and addressed quickly," said Presidential spokesman Jay Carney.

Carney explained that glitches and slowdowns were prompted by an expected surge of people enrolling on the last day of the healthcare law's first open enrollment period. He also cited a surge of interest this past weekend,

"We saw people lining up around the block this weekend.  2.9 million visits to the website this weekend, and last week alone we saw more calls to the call center than in all of February."

More than 6 million people signed-up before the final day, exceeding a key White House goal.  The numbers have been gradually improving since a disastrous launch last fall.  

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso wants the White House to disclose how many have paid their premiums.

"I don't think they want to give that number.  You know, the reality of this is they had to provide insurance paid at a certain number.  They needed seven million people to make the math work and a lot of those had to be young healthy people," Barrasso said.

A huge surge in sign-ups over the weekend and through Monday brought hundreds of thousands of people under the Affordable Care Act umbrella.  

Just after midnight the website replaced enrollment forms with a message transitioning people into a so-called "special enrollment" period.  The next open enrollment period starts November 15th for coverage in 2015.