Seventeen-thousand dollars have been raised to help bury the Fairfield girl, 16-year-old Naomy Rojas who was shot to death last Saturday. An outpouring of support from friends, family & strangers last night - dozens gathered by train tracks by Pheonix Drive in Fairfield where Naomy was found. Naomy’s father, Chucho wants the killer to come forward. He spoke to News 10 saying he would like to know the reason why someone would shoot a 16-year-old girl. 

Family members, friends and volunteers washed more than 500 cars over this weekend to raise money for Naomy’s burial. The community leader spoke to News 10 saying they raised $2600 in one day washing cars and selling baked goods. Many also donated online.

They have reached their 10-thousand dollar goal for Naomy’s buriel and the extra money raised will go toward finding Naomy’s killer. Another food fundraiser is being held at Dover Park this afternoon.