The Fairfield mother of an infant, allegedly disfigured by his father, is still in shock over the incident. 

Angelica Riggins is spending every moment with her infant, at Oakland Children's Hospital.  

The 16-year old tells News10 she is still stunned and upset by the incident in which the father of her child, 18-year-old Joshua Cooper allegedly bit off a portion of the child's nose because the infant wouldn't stop crying.  

"Waking up and seeing that my baby is right next to me in the hospital -- it hurts, it hurts my feelings a lot, like, my heart is broken," she said.

Cooper, remains in Solano County Jail facing charges of child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.  

Police say they have already opened a file with Child Protective Services after the child was found to have a skull fracture and other injuries, prior to the recent attack.