Many people living in Murrieta continue to take stand against the government's plan to process illegal immigrants at their city's Border Patrol station. 

A little over a day ahead the anticipated arrival of more buses carrying children and families from Central America to the immigration facility in Murietta, hundreds of residents packed a special meeting last night to question the federal government's apparent double standard.

This woman wants to know what she can do to prevent more illegals from getting to Murrieta.

"Is there another bus coming to our city? And where can I be when for this next protest to protect that bus from coming here?" the woman said. 

Meantime, officials say illegal immigrants have been taken from Murrieta to San Ysidro.  

Those officials also say that after being processed, the illegals will be turned over to the U.S. Immigration Department in Riverside County, where they'll either be deported or considered for asylum.