CALIFORNIA -- Yosemite has closed its gates -- and there's no escape to Alcatraz. The government shutdown is costing the state major tourism dollars.

Visit California, the nonprofit responsible for promoting travel here, says tourists up and down the state are responsible for spending $292 million a day, and we're now losing a pretty big chunk of that.

"We're the number one travel destination in the United States. And from a National Park standpoint, we have the most National Parks in the United States. We have nine National Parks," Spokesman Brian Wright said.

Wright says it's not just about the entrance fees.

"It's a ripple effect for the gateway communities that are feeling it, as well," Wright said.

Tourists can't get into hotels or campgrounds either, he said.

Tour buses, rental cars, food, lodging and roadside attractions, you name it, they're all affected. International tourists are having a really hard time, especially when they've planned their visits months in advance.

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