70 residents of a rundown hotel in downtown Sacramento have been given notice to move, to make way for the building of the new downtown arena and that has the Sacramento Housing Alliance fighting mad.

"This is just a tragedy," said Darryl Rutherford.

Rutherford is the executive director and says the 103-year-old Marshall Hotel on 7th Street near the K Street Mall will be renovated and turned into an upscale boutique hotel. The residents will get some money to move out.

"They'll receive about $2,600 per individual or $4000 per couple but that's pittance for them as they try to find a place to live and the market for rentals is growing rapidly," Rutherford said.

Besides, he says,

"There's not enough single resident occupancy rooms throughout the community nor other affordable housing units for folks like this to really find a safe place to live."