The Sacramento Zoo is welcoming its newest resident -- a baby lemur born on Jan. 5.

The animal species' full name is Coquerel's Sifaka Lemur. He was discovered by keepers that Sunday morning. The male weighed 121 grams at birth. Mother, father and infant are bonding in their habitat across from the Conservation Carousel.

This type of lemur has unique brown and white coloration, and is distinguished from other lemurs by the way they move.

All Sifaka lemurs have arms, hips, hands, and feet specially adapted for vertical clinging and leaping. Their legs are extremely long relative to body and arm length.

Using their powerful back legs, they travel through the forest jumping from one upright tree limb to another, easily leaping more than 20 feet in a single bound. On the ground, they cannot run on all fours because of their long legs so they travel by springing sideways to cover the distance.

There are potentially less than 10,000 Coquerel's Sifaka living in the wild and they are native only to a small area of northwestern Madagascar.

Learn more about the baby lemur and see more pictures through the zoo's blog page.