California teachers earned an average $85,000 in salary, overtime and benefits last year, while 100 superintendents made more than $250,000 each.

That's according to new data provided by hundreds of school districts statewide and posted by the California Policy Center, a Tustin-based think tank.

This is the first time such a wide range of the data has been made publicly available and officials say they want to draw attention to "double dipping."

The group says more than 1,000 retired instructors who had already begun receiving their state-funded pensions went back to work and received a salary from districts last year.

The California Teachers Association tells the LA Times that it supports the release of salary schedules and ranges, but taking payment information down to individuals -- and naming them -- seems to be an invasion of privacy.

The group found the average full-time teacher in California made $84,889 last year and about 34,750 teachers were paid more than $100,000 total.