Recently passed legislation is aiming to put an end to the sale of fake celebrity signatures. AB 1570 now makes it punishable by law, to sell any autographed item without a genuine certificate of authenticity.

Senator Joel Anderson, who co-authored the bill, says people who fall victim to, increasingly more common, false autograph sales can now go after the dealer and pursue them legally. 

"The penalties can be equal to ten times the actual damages, plus court fees, reasonable attorney fees, interest, and other items," Senator Anderson said.

Parker at HR Sport Cards and Comics, in Downtown Sacramento, says it can create extra hoops to jump through, and costs money for dealers.

"We have a Brett Favre jersey that we actually saw him sign, but back then when we got it, they weren't giving them out, so now we have to send it in to get it authenticated," Parker said.

However, he says he has no problem with the law because you have to protect the consumer. Parker says it is normal practice for him to authenticate, but there are definitely dealers out there who will sell fakes, and he is glad that something is being done to help prevent it.

Senator Anderson says the bill is really designed to target dealers on the street, who are trying to rip people off, as opposed to a certified dealer.