Police in New Mexico say the 12-year-old suspect in yesterday's school shooting that left two students seriously injured in Roswell planned the attack.  Even so, State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said he doesn't believe the students who were injured were intentionally targeted,

"I can probably speak to the fact that I believe when the incident occurred that it was random, the victims' were random."

Kassetas would not give the identity of the suspect.  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez said parents have to talk with their children about the shooting.

"Don't just ask, 'are you okay?' and get the response, 'I'm okay.'  Keep talking, sit down, how does this make you feel?" she said.

Governor Martinez added that the teachers at Berrendo Middle School are being prepared to deal with what will probably be an emotional return to class tomorrow.  One of the shooting victims has been upgraded to stable while the other remains in critical condition.