The mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may be solved by searching in a different area of the Indian Ocean.

A New Zealand military plane has reportedly found objects in the ocean in that new search area.


One plane reported seeing several objects that were white or light colored. An Australian plane reported seeing two "blue-gray" objects. 

Authorities say it will be tomorrow before a ship can get there to determine whether those objects could be from the missing plane. 

Malaysia's transport minister says search conditions remain challenging.

"A new search area, although more focused than before, remains considerable. And the search conditions, although easier than before, remain challenging," he said. 

Authorities say they have a new target zone about 700 miles northeast of where crews had been searching.  

The change was made based on radar data that suggests the jet was traveling faster than previously estimated, meaning it used up more fuel reducing the distance the plane traveled. 

If the Objects are Debris, Where Will We Find the Black Box? 

"It looks like, what the models are telling them, that if the aircraft went into the water in this area, that all the pieces would stick together -- wouldn't disperse as much as they thought they would. So, it makes sense that you would be seeing a debris field in this area," Underwater search expert Colleen Keller said. 

Keller says the ocean currents have been estimated to move the possible debris field about 25 miles a day.

Keller says investigators have to determine where the plane crashed to find the black box.

"It doesn't float, it goes straight down. So, unfortunately, where we find the debris is only a tell-tale and then we have to look back up slope, or up the track, to find where the aircraft hit the water. The black box will be, more or less, right underneath that impact point," Keller said. 

The data suggests the Boeing 777 was traveling faster than previously estimated, meaning it used up more fuel reducing the distance the jet traveled.  

The new search area is about 125 square miles, it's also in a slightly easier to reach area of the ocean.  

Five aircraft report having spotted "multiple objects" today -- they've been photographed and those pictures will be analyzed tonight. 

The missing Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared March 8 with 239 people onboard. 

Weather Conditions Look Promising 

The weather looks good today for crews searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

"Weather conditions are much improved to the waters west of Australia. Right now current satellite photos continue to show relatively clear skies," Meteorologist Rob Carolan said.  

For the next day or so, it looks like they're going to have decent conditions for that search, Carolan said.