A new tape of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is out, and in it he says he's motivated less by racism and more by a desire to sleep with his personal assistant.

"What the hell, I'm talking to a girl.  The girl's black.  I like her.  I'm jealous that she's with other black guys," Sterling is heard to shout, seemingly exasperated.

There's no indication of who recorded the conversation and handed it over to Radar Online and TMZ.  He's allegedly heard saying that he was trying to have sex with V. Stiviano, and if someone's trying to talk to a woman privately, quote, "you may say anything in the world!"  

The whole controversy with Sterling started with a tape in which he's telling Stiviano not to "broadcast" that she's associating with black people.  He's been banned by the NBA for life and is facing pressure to sell the team.