The early rounds of California state Senator Leland Yee's legal troubles are continuing this week. 

The San Francisco Democrat appeared in federal court this morning as a follow up to his arraignment on federal corruption and firearms trafficking charges last week. Attorneys were in U.S. District Court in San Francisco talking about the terms of Yee's 500-thousand dollar bond. 

He is next due in court on April 8th.


California state Sen. Leland Yee, is due in federal court in San Francisco Monday.

Yee was charged last week after an elaborate FBI sting of organized crime in San Francisco's Chinatown ensnared the Democrat and his political fundraiser.  

Yee is charged with political corruption and gun trafficking.  ABC7 reports that Yee's attorney says they will enter a plea of not guilty.  

Yee is expected to request a reduction in his half million dollar bond.  Other defendants arrested along with Yee are expected to be in court today as well.  

Since his arrest, Yee has dropped his campaign for California secretary of state, and he was suspended by the state Senate.  

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff says the legislative body has taken needed and decisive action to help restore the public's trust in the state government.

Huff is reacting to the vote that suspended Democratic Senators Leland Yee, Rod Wright and Ron Calderon just days after Yee was arraigned on federal corruption charges.

"The sheer magnitude and outrageous nature detailed in the 127 page indictment are not only incredible, meaning difficult to believe, but make us all wonder who was this Senator Yee who we worked alongside all these years," said Senator Huff.

Wright and Calderon are already on paid leave pending legal cases against them. 

Republican State Senator Joel Anderson spoke with KFBK Monday Morning about Yee and the other two senators caught up in corruption scandals of their own.