The Obama administration has released a plan to make the transportation of oil and oil products by rail safer, but not everyone likes the suggestions.

The proposal comes in reaction to the dangers of rail car accidents near, or in, residential areas.

One of the proposed ideas is to reduce trains speeds to 40 miles per hour or slower through residential areas.

The freight railroad industry says that is a bad idea because it will tie up trains across the country as one train waits for the slower oil trains, often a hundred cars long, to pass.  

Other points included improving brake systems on existing cars, in some cases replacing older cars and a best routes practice that would keep oil products as far away from residential areas as possible. 

Many small towns across the country that find themselves near rail road lines that haul such flammables are asking for more safety procedures. 

The U.S Department of transportation calls the report a rule making proposal and asks for staekholders input.