Regional and state agency heads in California say they're cracking down on illegal fireworks this Fourth of July.

This Fourth of July holiday, authorities regionally, and around California, are taking a zero tolerance approach to the use of illegal fireworks.  

Dennis Revell is with the Greater Sacramento Area Fireworks Safety Task Force.

"Law enforcement agencies and fire departments throughout the state will need everyone's help to protect their communities against the dangers of these illegal items," Revell said. 

They say more than 175 tons of illegal fireworks have been confiscated in California this year alone.  

Deputy Sacramento County District Attorney Ruanne Dozier says they're going prosecute vigorously.

"Individuals caught using illegal fireworks could be required to serve a minimum of 10 days in the county jail. We take these cases very seriously," Revell said. 

Authorities also say sales of illegal fireworks often fund gang and even terrorist groups.