In the past few days there have been several grass fires in the Sacramento area,  and it's not helping that California is experiencing its hottest year on record. 

The state is experiencing its worst drought conditions in the past 40 years, and recent grass fires in the Sacramento region are reminding us of that fact. 

Michelle Eidam, with Sacramento Metro Fire, says we probably won't see large scale wildfires but small grass fires may be a bigger issue.

"We're going to see a lot of small fires along the river parkway, along the areas that have houses thrown into the mix," she said. 

There was a grass fire that threatened an apartment complex  in Southeast Sacramento on Friday.

Residents were forced to evacuate when an empty lot fire spread closer and closer to the apartments. Fortunately, it only damaged a fence. 

Then last night in Rancho Cordova, a 10-acre fire threatened several structures and a water treatment facility. 

So with the warm and dry conditions expected to continue over the next three months, our local fire departments are advising us to be careful when using machinery outdoors during the daytime and to be vigilant of any signs of a fire.