It's easy to get fired up about the 4th of July, but officials want you to remember a lot of fireworks are not only illegal, but carry a huge fine.

Placer County officials want you to know that the bang isn't worth the buck.

"If you're caught using fireworks there's a $2,000 fine associated with use of fireworks in the unincorporated county area," Rui Cunha, the assistant director of emergency services in Placer County, said. 

Cunha reminds people fireworks of all sizes and types are illegal in certain unincorporated areas. One of the reasons behind the ban is the drought.

We're probably in August conditions right now, and so we're definitely a couple of months ahead of schedule in terms of fire danger in Placer County," he said. 

The fun hasn't completely fizzled though.

"The only condition in which fireworks are allowed, they are allowed in a permitted display," Cunha said. 

Just make sure to contact city offices to find what the requirements are for those permits first.