Sacramento fire and rescue crews are warning of the dangers of rope-swings that have become rather popular around the area in recent weeks.

Crews were very busy over the holiday weekend along the Sacramento and American Rivers.

Assistant Fire Chief Niko King says three calls were made for people injured on rope swings.

"People are jumping off of ledges, some of them up to about 20- to 25-feet, and swinging out over the water. And what we are seeing is quite a bit of activity out there," King said. 

But it doesn't always go as planned.

"Every now and then, people will freeze up and they don't let go of that rope at the right time, and we get some of the lower leg injuries from people coming back and hitting the embankment," King said. 

While the rope swings may look like a good time, the assistant chief says they're typically made by kids and aren't safe, not to mention the dangers of jumping into water of unknown depth which could also contain hidden hazards.

Crews have dealt with about a dozen rope-swing incidents in recent weeks.