An undersea drone is done with its first successful ocean floor scan in the hunt for a missing Malaysian jetliner.  

Malaysia's transport minister says he agrees with Australian officials who say there will come a time when they'll need to regroup.

"But in any event, the search will always continue, it's just a matter of approach," he said. 

Video from the U.S. Navy deep-sea drone Bluefin-21 is now considered the best tool for finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.   

An oil slick in the Indian Ocean isn't from that missing Malaysia Airlines plane.  

The oil was discovered by an Australian ship in the same area where four pings were picked up last week.  

Searchers hoped the oil would be the first tangible sign of Flight 370 since it vanished in early March with 239 people on board. 

Some two dozen ships and planes are involved in today's search for the missing plane.