Education advocates have been putting an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs this year, and one of our elementary schools is taking it to a level that is actually "out of this world."

Students at Elliot Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove are in for an extraterrestrial educational experience this week.

"Our students will be chatting live through a video conference with the American astronauts in the International Space Station," parent volunteer Eva Mosakowski said. 

Mosakowski says 15 students earned an opportunity to ask questions of the astronauts while the entire school watches them demonstrate concepts in ways that are impossible on Earth.

"We think it's important to get these kids excited about science early on, so that they have that confidence and that they have that excitement as they enter middle school and beyond," she said. 

The students will connect to the NASA downlink this Wednesday.  

It's just one of many things Elliot Ranch Elementary is doing to increase their focus on STEM programs.