U.S. Attorney Ben Wagner and U.S. Deputy Chief Postal Inspector Gregory Campbell Jr., speak about "Operation Mailbox" at a news conference on Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. (KFBK/Tim Lantz)

Ever had your mail stolen? People suspected of being involved in bulk mail theft around the Central Valley are now facing criminal charges.

U.S. District Attorney Benjamin Wagner in Sacramento says "Operation Broken Mailbox" has netted 21 suspected thieves, and they are now charged with stealing checks, prescription drugs, and personal information often from housing tracts in the Valley.

"You have these large developments, with sort of large units at the edge of the property, which are tempting targets if you are a mail thief," 

Postal inspector Gregory Campbell, Jr., also blames a recent spike in mailbox thefts to the drug trade.

"Where there's meth, there's mail, and there is a correlation," Campbell said. 

The investigation identified 2,100 victims and nearly $400,000 in losses.