A new eyewitness account is putting a new spin on Thursday's deadly highway crash in Northern California.

CBS News' Teri Okita reports from Chico: 'Bonnie and Joe Duran were actually in that Nissan that was clipped by the FedEx big rig before it crashed into the charter bus that was carrying the students.'

The bus was full of high school students from the Los Angeles area who were visiting Humboldt State University.

Some of the high school students who survived the deadly highway crash in northern California are providing more details about what happened when a FedEx truck hit their bus.

CBS News' Teri Okita reports from Chico: 'They described the scene as horrific. The bus was like an accordion. It was a bloody scene - and a lot of screaming.'

Ten people died in the crash and fire. The NTSB says it could take months to conclude what happened.