A pair of ambitious Sacramento filmmakers are trying to solve a double murder by re-enacting the crime. 

Two men, Surinder Singh, a grandfather, and Gurmej Atwal, a member of the Sikh community, were gunned down on an afternoon in Elk Grove in 2011.  

Investigators believe they were targeted mistakenly as Muslims by their killer.  

The case has been labeled a hate crime and garnered national attention.   

Now, brothers Cory and Craig Jackson are re-enacting the crime in the hopes of getting this cold case going again.  

Authorities are hoping the filming will bring attention to the case. And that someone will see it and offer a tip. Despite a reward of $60,000 for information on the crime, it remains unsolved.  

The Sacramento Bee reports part of East Stockton Boulevard east of the 99 was closed Monday off so filming could take place.  The brothers are producing a segment for a new crime reality series like "America's Most Wanted" which will air locally.