Sacramento Republic FC, our region's new soccer club, announced today it has a new owner to help the team try to expand to Major League Soccer.

He's Kevin Nagle, co-founder of national pharmaceutical benefits business Envision RX.

If Sacramento FC is selected for expansion by MLS, Nagle will be its single largest owner.

"I love Sacramento -- its community, resilience and potential," he said. "Early on, I admired Republic FC's success and efforts to galvanize this region; its bid for MLS not only about sports, but also a shared vision for Sacramento. I am honored to work side-by-side with Mayor Kevin Johnson and Republic FC President Warren Smith to produce MLS for Sacramento and demonstrate why this region is built for MLS." 

Nagle represented both Republic FC and Sacramento Kings during Mayor Kevin Johnson's meeting with Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott in August.

"This is a big win for Republic FC and our efforts to secure and MLS franchise," Mayor Kevin Johnson said.