Parts of South Sacramento are being removed from high flood risk zones, and that is expected to save homes and businesses hundreds of dollars a year.

Thanks to the completion of two major flood protection projects, FEMA has taken some 3,500 homes and businesses out of the high flood risk zone.

The projects included the building of a 3,300-foot-long flood wall along Morrison Creek, and a mile-and-a-half-long concrete channel lining along Unionhouse Creek.

Now those residents and owners won't have to pay for mandatory flood insurance. 

"The flood insurance will be costing them only $430 a year as opposed to over a thousand dollars a year. So bottom line, these neighborhoods are safer and people there will save money," Congresswoman Doris Matsui said. 

Even though having insurance isn't mandatory anymore for those in the area -- it's good to remember that South Sacramento is still vulnerable to flooding.