The Sacramento Police Department showed off a unique member of the bomb squad this afternoon.  The Sacramento Police Department has a special weapon to keep the community and officers safe when explosives are involved,

"Ozbot is our bomb squad robot," said Sergeant James Harrington, who added that he's a great resource for officers,

"Ozbot keeps us safe, so when we send Ozbot down range on a potential explosive device then we don't have to put on a bomb suit and put ourselves in harm's way."

The robot is equipped with a few different "seeing eyes," arms and hands, which can be used to pick up dangerous or unidentified objects.

He also assists the SWAT team and handles reconnisance missions during critical incidents when it might not be safe for an officer to go.

On staff since the late 90's, the robot is named after retired Officer Rick Osborne who worked closely with the remote controlled device for years.