An elementary school project in Placer County is helping hundreds of children halfway across the country.

Children at the Donaldsonville Primary School in Louisiana are enjoying new clothes, shoes and books thanks to the effort of first-graders at Granite Bay's Oakhills Elementary School.

"The kids all told their moms and dads about it, and the parents all jumped to action and we ended up shipping 20 boxes," said Susan Goodrich, who is the mother of two first-graders at Oakhills Elementary.

She learned of the need from her niece who's working in Donaldsonville as part of the Teach for America program.

"She could never give her kids what we have given her kids. She's like, it's amazing for me to be able to send them out to recess and know that they have protective shoes and clothes that don't have stains and tears in them," Goodrich said. 

The Granite Bay students are now making friends with, and learning about, the kids they've helped.