The Placer County Sheriff's office has been served with a federal subpoena. 

While prohibited from speaking publicly about specific details of the matter, Lt. John Poretti tells KFBK the subpoena is not related to recent employee investigations.  

"A federal subpoena can cover a lot of different things, and I think everybody always assumes the worst, but that would be an assumption," Poretti said. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Bill Portanova says it's common for witnesses to get a grand jury subpoena, and there's nothing he's seen that would lead him to believe that the Sheriff's Department itself is under investigation.

"Quite the opposite, as a general rule, the target of the investigation is the last one to get a federal grand jury subpoena," Portanova said. 

Portanova says it's not unreasonable to think that maybe an individual or group of individuals is being looked at, which could be for any number of violations.  

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