Placer County residents are conserving 16 percent of their water on average.

Statewide, the numbers are not so good with some water districts in Southern California reporting an increase in water use over last year's numbers, so what is working in Northern California?

"We push pretty hard with our marketing and outreach to our customers, and you can see the results -- there's a lot of brown, crusty lawns out there. People have really answered to the call," Tony Firenzi with Placer County Water Agency said. 

Firenzi says giving a number like "20 percent" might be part of the problem. 

"They really just want something more prescriptive. Give me the specific actions that you're asking of me and I'll do that. Just asking for 20 percent, that's a challenge," he said. 

PCWA asked customers to conserve 10 percent with a goal of 20 percent and also offered suggestions for cutting back on water use by reducing outdoor watering to three days a week and not allowing water to run on sidewalks of driveways.

This in response to the governor's request that in the face of the ongoing drought, we all reduce our water use by 20 percent.