It might be hard to imagine but there is a homeless problem in Placerville. 

On the heels of the Hangtown Haven homeless camp being closed last November in Placerville, the city is getting complaints about a law forbidding camping on all public and private land illegal.

Advocates for the homeless picketed yesterday in front of the Placerville City Hall in an attempt to get the new law set aside for up to 90 days.  

Others, who complained about garbage and other problems they blame on the homeless, are pressuring the city not to rollback the camping ordinance.

The council didn't take any action, but will wait for a presentation on the issue by homeless advocates and others to come in two weeks.

The problem of homelessness is dividing the El Dorado County community of Placerville. NewsRadio KFBK spoke will Placerville City Manager Cleve Morris about the new and hotly debated city ordinance. Listen to the complete interview here: