An oyster farm at Point Reyes National Seashore is making a final bid to the U.S. Supreme Court to stay open.  

The attorney for Drakes Bay Oyster Company, Peter Prows, says they're challenging a decision by the U.S. Interior Department to allow the 80-year-old family farm's permit to expire.  

"The courts, so far, have held so far that they don't have the jurisdiction whether federal agencies have abused their discretion when they try to re-write history and make false statements. So we think the Supreme Court will be very interested in taking our case," Prows said. 

Former department secretary Ken Salazar decided in 2012 to let the 40-year permit expire so the area can return to wilderness.  

The oyster farm appealed to the high court in April after a federal trial judge in Oakland and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco refused to block the decision.  

It filed a final reply brief yesterday.

The U.S. Supreme Court could decide by the end of the month or after the panel's summer break in October whether to grant a review.