Three blocks in downtown Sacramento were closed off Saturday night by police as they investigated an apparent intentional hit and run.

A Sacramento Police Department officer stopped a speeding driver going the wrong way on 21st Street near L over the weekend. 

According to Sacramento Police spokesperson Michele Gigante, when the officer investigated the situation, he found that the driver had an argument with a cyclist earlier.

That argument, allegedly resulted in the bicyclist puncturing one of the driver's car tires.

According to Gigante, the driver changed his tire and then took off and looked for the bicyclist, found him and the allegedly intentionally hit him with his car, she said. 

Fleeing the scene, Gigante says the driver soon lost control of his car and hit two other bicyclists. 

Officers have identified the driver as 31-year-old Wesley Tran and have booked him for assault with a deadly weapon and felony DUI. 

Police say only the bicyclist intentionally targeted by the driver was seriously hurt.