Employees were evacuated after police responded to burglary alarms at the Nordstrom Store in Arden Fair Mall in the early morning hours of Friday, April 4, 2014. 

Sacramento police say surveillance photos show at least three people were involved in the overnight burglary of the of the Nordstrom Store at Arden Fair Mall.

Investigators believe the burglars got in through the ground floor entrance on the side of Nordstrom facing away from Arden Way just after 3:30 this morning.  

Sac PD spokesman Doug Morse says investigators are looking at possible connections.

"This incident may be related to other similar crimes in the region and throughout the state," 

Officer Morse says the M-O in the Nordstrom case is similar other burglaries.

Besides the surveillance video, a janitor also saw the burglars.

Here is a photo from the surveillance footage.