In this image provided Wednesday Jan. 8, 2014, by the Riverside Police Department, a puppy named Mu Shu peers out the window of a police vehicle in Riverside, Calif. Police say the pup, destined for the arms of a cancer-stricken child, has been recovered after the woman who offered to deliver it decided instead to keep it. (AP Photo/Riverside Police Department)

A little girl's wish of a puppy dog is coming true as she heads East for cancer treatement. 

MuShu, the pug dog, is just a pup, and a prized one at that. MuShu was bought by Shawna Hamon, a cancer survivor as a gift to an 8-year-old girl in the same boat, facing cancer treatment to save her life.

Tiffany lives in Sacramento and would soon venture to Philadelphia for experimental treatment for leukemia. The arrival of MuShu before the trip would be a boost to the little girl's spirits.

But MuShu never arrived. Seems the friend of Hamon's who said she would send MuShu along to Tiffany had a change of heart and mind. And she kept the dog.

Shawna jumped into action, she got the Riverside Police Department involved, who went to the woman's home and ultimately found MuShu next door.

MuShu is now enroute to Philadelphia as a late Christmas gift for Tiffany.