Officials reported a shooting at a home in Carmichael this morning.

A woman called the Sheriff's Department after getting into an argument with her 42-year old husband, according to a statement from Sacramento County Sheriff's spokeswoman Lisa Bowman.

According to reports, when deputies arrived, the man chose to stay inside the house and that's when officials heard a gunshot fired from within.  

Four other adults and three children, whose ages ranged from 2 to 17 years old were also inside.

Deputies set up a perimeter around the home, asking the man to come out.

He soon did but while holding a 2-year old child.  

Authorities quickly took him into custody and found one bullet hole in the ceiling, confiscating multiple guns after searching the home.

It is likely that the man will be arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm, child endangerment and possible weapon charges.